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I spend part of my year presenting at education and technology conferences, online webinars, and school-based workshops. 

You can learn where I will be in the calendar below:

I am a member of the Indiana Department of Education's eLearning Speakers Bureau. The link below will take you to a listing of the entire Speakers Bureau:

If you would like to view my Speakers Bureau Slide, you can do so here:

I am qualified to present on many topics related to effective teaching and learning in the Digital Age.  I have 18 years experience in education as a teacher, eLearning coach, and Innovation, Curriculum, and Technology Specialist (ICATS).

The list below represents some of my most popular sessions:

  • 10 Ways to Re-Imagine the Classroom (Concurrent)
  • 11 Things to Know about 1:1 Classroom Management (Concurrent)
  • 10 Teacher-Friendly Tools to Unleash Creativity (Concurrent or Workshop)
  • 10 Teacher-Friendly Tools to Connect Your Classroom to the World (Concurrent or Workshop)
  • 10 Teacher-Friendly Tools for Curating and Sharing Digital Discoveries (Concurrent or Workshop)
  • 10 Ideas for the One Tablet Classroom (Concurrent or Workshop)
  • Twitter Egg Incubator (Concurrent or Workshop)
  • Building Digital Playgrounds (Concurrent or Workshop)
  • Introduction to the Sony Education Ambassador Program (Concurrent)
  • Leading with the NETS (Concurrent)
  • 11 Things To Know About Digital Citizenship (Concurrent)
  • 11 Things To Know About Teaching Without a Book (Concurrent)
  • So You've Decided to Go 1:1...The Cat is On the Roof (Concurrent or Keynote)

If you would like to see session descriptions, please email me and request access to my Sessions Page.

I am also happy to tailor professional development to meet your needs around the following topics:

1:1 Computing in Education
21st Century Skills Development
Teaching Beyond the Textbook
Building the Educator's Digital Toolbox
Digital Resource Curation
Learning with Web 2.0 Tools
Learning with Social Media
Basic Digital Photo and Video Editing
BYOD and Mobile Learning
Cloud-Based Learning Solutions
Project-Based Learning
Flipped Learning
Student-Centered Learning and Student Engagement
Digital Citizenship
Personal Learning and Professional Learning
Re-Imagining the Classroom
The Importance of Play
Innovative Professional Development Design
Communication and Collaboration
Sony Xperia Tablets and the Sony Education Ambassador Program
Blogging and Microblogging in the Classroom
Podcasting in the Classroom

Prices are negotiable based on time, need, and travel. You can direct inquiries to me via email

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