Lessons from Walt Disney World Series

I've always been skeptical when education reformers suggest that effective schools can be designed based on effective business strategies alone. I do not believe this is true. However, I do believe that we can take lessons on how to do things better from all kinds of sources (including businesses), if we are thoughtful about the ways in which those lessons are applied. Disney, as a company, is very effective at what it does in terms of creating compelling and positive experiences for its visitors. Examining the philosophical underpinnings of Disney's corporate culture as well as the strategies for implementing this philosophy can shed light on similar issues in education. As I've begun exploring the Disney Institute Blog, I've taken some of their posts as jumping-off points for reflecting on our profession. Below are my musings on how some of Disney's design-thinking can apply to the work we do in education:

Lessons from WDW #1- Focus
Lessons from WDW #2- Priorities
Lessons from WDW #3- Guestology
Lessons from WDW #4- Care
Lessons from WDW #5- Setting
Lessons from WDW #6- Storytelling
Lessons from WDW #7- Social Media
Lessons from WDW #8- Building
Lessons from WDW #9- Positive Messaging
Lessons from WDW #10- Engage the Senses

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