55 Things I Think I Know

I'm always a bit uncomfortable asserting something about education because I realize that teaching and learning are so complex. People who try to simplify teaching and learning are often trying to sell us something, so I treat these kinds of posts with a healthy amount of skepticism even when I write them myself.

That said, it's a good mental exercise to try to sift our ideas into some type of structure, if only to confirm that our ideas are bigger than the structure we are trying to use.

I actually started this series by accident. I found that I had three posts that used 11 as their organizing structure, so I just decided to add to it. Please read them with the same understanding that I have. The structure is just a starting point for approaching the topics.

I hope you enjoy the posts:

11 Things I Think I Know About 1 to 1 Classroom Management
11 Things I Think I know About Digital Citizenship
11 Things I Think I Know About Teaching Without a Textbook
11 Things I Think I Know We Must Teach
11 Things I Think I Know EdTech Folks Want To Promote

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