10 Ways to Re-Imagine the Classroom Series

This series came from a talk of them same name that I facilitated in our district. The talk was focused on transforming teaching and learning. Below are the links to the 10 posts that I subsequently wrote:
  1. We can transform the role of the teacher from Content Provider to Learning Sherpa, Literacy Swami, Exploration Coach, Lead Learner.
  2. We can transform the role of the student from Content Sponge to Content Creator.
  3. We can transform the act of learning from Solitary and Independent to Collaborative and Social.
  4. We can transform our definition of the classroom from “Set in Time and Space” to “Anywhere, Anytime.”
  5. We Can transform the focus of classes from Content-Memorization to Skills-Development.
  6. We Can Transform the Nature of the Curriculum from Segmented to Integrated.
  7. We Can Transform the nature of classroom content from Standardized to Individualized.
  8. We Can Transform educational resources from limited, standardized, and driving the curriculum to limitless, individualized and supporting the process of learning. 
  9. We Can Transform the Focus of Education from Product to Process
  10. We Can transform the perception of school from Meaningless Work to Purposeful Fun.
Here is a Slideshow that I created for a presentation based on these posts:

I would love to hear from you about other ways you feel we can transform education to make it more compelling and vital for kids. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments. In the meantime, I hope you find these posts useful.


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