Monday, December 8, 2014

Resources for Learning Windows Live Movie Maker and Creating Book Trailers

I'm working with a group of students on creating Book Trailers with Windows Live Movie Maker. This is a really easy video editor to learn, but it is always useful to have a few resources to refer to. The links below will take you to the resources I've found useful in learning the program:

Bullitt Schools Movie Maker Cheat Sheet PDF

INTERACT Movie Maker Cheat Sheat PDF

Windows Live Movie Maker Tutorial PDF

Windows Live Movie Maker for Dummies Resource

Windows Live Video Tutorial YouTube Playlist

With some of our computers we ran into problems with working with subtitles in Movie Maker, so I also shared the following webtools that allow for video creation that can include audio files, photos, video and text. Each has it's plusses and minuses, but all can be used to create a good book trailer:




The tools below are also useful for doing these types of projects, though they don't match the needs of this particular project:





There are other great tools as well for video editing, digital storytelling and for presentation creation that might be worth a look.

Also, since the kids are using photos and music, here are are some resources for finding images and audio that are legal to use through Creative Commons Licensing:

How to Be a Good Citizen in a Connected World

A Teacher's Guide to Image Copyright

Annotated List of Free Media Resources

Free Music Archive

Creative Commons Search

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