Tuesday, December 2, 2014

25+ Free #EdTech Ideas for Recognizing, Thanking, or Giving a Gift to Teachers

I'm working with a group of amazing eLeader kids and their sponsors, and each month we are challenging the teams to do something different with technology in their schools. Since this month includes the holidays and the season of giving, we invited our students to find ways to share digital gifts with their teachers. That got me thinking. How would I meet that challenge. Here are a few ideas I came up with:

  1. Make a Tellagami thank-you.
  2. Make a ThingLink that links to various free gifts, discounts, etc.
  3. Make an online eCard with a tool like JibJab.
  4. Make a tribute video using Magisto or Animoto.
  5. Design your own card using Canva or a poster using Smore.
  6. Make a class slideshow with Slidely.
  7. Create a teacher tribute infographic with Piktochart.
  8. Create and record a song with GarageBand or other audio editing tools.
  9. Light up a teacher's social media with positive messages.
  10. Create a photo collage using BeFunky or a photo message using Photofunia.
  11. Create an original work of art using one of many online art tools.
  12. Send a virtual bouquet of flowers.
  13. Write and publish a tribute poem or thank-you letter on the class website or on a site like Quozio.
  14. Design and gift a set of teacher avatars in different styles.
  15. Organize a Gift Exchange with Elfster.
  16. Create a Free Online Cookbook for your teacher.
  17. Write and publish an open letter in Google Docs or on a blog to politicians praising your teacher(s) and share it to them via social media (#MyTeacherRocks). 
  18. Create a What I Learned From _____________ book, poem, story and publish it online using a website like FlipSnack
  19. Schedule a series of emails, Instagram posts or tweets with uplifting messages to be delivered over a period of time.
  20. Create a YouTube Playlist of videos that will uplift a teacher.
  21. Create a YouTube Playlist that features a teacher's favorite music (or music you think they would like).
  22. Build a monument to your teacher in Minecraft, take a screenshot, and share it with them (not exactly free unless you are already there).
  23. Create a Wordle with all of the qualities you love about the teacher or their class.
  24. Create a Pinterest Board of things that will inspire your teacher.
  25. Create a VoiceThread about your teacher and invite your classmates to leave their own personal thank-you to the teacher.
  26. Create and give teacher badges using a tool like Credly
  27. Create a 12 Days of Tech share on a blog or website, and share each day's link with your teacher (props to @mrg_3 for that idea).
  28. Code your own animated holiday card with Scratch.
I'd love to know what other ideas you might add to this list. Please share your thoughts in the comments below. Cheers!

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