Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The colAR App: Another Great Place to Play

When I was a kid, I used to love to draw and color. I would draw airplanes, battle scenes, dinosaurs, and blueprints for the ultimate underground hideout. There is something awesome about the act of creating visual representations of the things your mind imagines. Now I have the joy of watching my youngest daughter do the same. Of course, her world is filled with ponies, animals, rainbows, and balloons. I can tell that hers is a happy universe.

Even coloring pre-made color sheets was a great diversion for me. Honestly, it still is. I like that I have the choice of what colors to use, when to stay in the lines and when to go rogue, and when to add my own elements. And now, because of an amazing app, I can take the fun of coloring to a new level.

The colAR Mix app is a great tool that allows me to bring coloring pages to life through Augmented Reality. This is how it works: I print out a special coloring page available at the colAR website, I color the page to my liking, and then I use the app on my tablet to view the page I colored. When I do that, the objects on the page spring to life. This is seriously cool. Here's a video:

The colAR app is available for both the iOS and Android environments.

While I don't need every picture I color to spring to life at the touch of a button, I do love that I live in a world where someone thought this would be a good idea. It reminds me of the power of technology to bring an extra dose of wonder to a kid. I can't wait to take this home and share it with my daughter.

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