Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Print to Digital Resources for US History Teachers

I'm starting a new project in which I am trying to identify the online resources that can take the place of a traditional textbook. My purpose is to help teachers find high-quality resources for building learning experiences as we move into a more student-centered, connected and digital classroom environment. I hope to help teachers feel that they can comfortably let go of the textbook as the centerpiece of classroom content, and move to a more diverse set of viable content sources.

While I recognize that this shift to a different form of learning requires more than just a catalog of resources, I hope that by finding these resources, I will help to contribute to our progress in that direction by at least removing the argument that these resources don't exist, or that teachers don't know where they are.

My first shot at this was to curate a collection of US History Resources into the LiveBinder below. This is a work in progress, so if you are a US History teacher and you see a glaring problem with this collection in terms of inclusion or omission, I hope you will help me make this binder even better by making recommendations below. I appreciate any feedback.

photo credit: Vintaga Posters via photopin cc

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