Thursday, August 25, 2011


Watch this:

I felt like the blog was getting a little too serious. We need some happiness. Learning is supposed to be fun. I bet that as you watched the video above, you at least cracked a smile. It's our natural human response. And when we smile, we can actually elevate our mood.

More importantly, if we are smiling. those with whom we interact are more likely to smile, and therefore, experience happiness. So, that old teacher advice to "never smile before Christmas" is actually a destructive policy, designed to create an atmosphere of compliance, rather than learning. In an industrial economy that rewards compliance, there might be merit in teaching this way, but in our society which rewards creative thought and personal initiative, we want to promote joyous learning.

That begins with our greatest super-power, the smile:

I hope you smile everyday in your classroom. I hope that you create an atmosphere of happiness in your classes that is so powerful that you and your kids can and will always want to bounce back to the default position of a smile :)

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