Thursday, August 4, 2011

I am a Playground Advocate

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If you've spent any time in your life with kids on playgrounds, you know that the ways in which they experience the playgrounds equal real learning. I've blogged about this before at length.

What I want to see happen is that the types of self-directed, collaborative and joyous learning that happen on the playground, happen in our classrooms as well.

I believe that a focus on skills-based learning that is highly personal, highly-social, and highly-flexible will help us to prepare students to live happy and enriching lives in a world that is increasingly global and connected.

I believe that real learning happens when we are choosing our own path, traveling at our own speed, and wrestling with problems that we care deeply about.

I also believe that we smile while we're doing it.

This blog is about transforming classrooms from an industrial model of education to one that is relevant to the iGeneration, using the tools that are available to us in our information age, but it is also about returning to a more fundamental understanding of learning that is organic and natural to us as human beings.

Hopefully, this will be a place to find inspiration as well as practical ideas for nurturing real learning for kids. I invite you to travel with me in this process, to share your ideas, and to help move this idea forward.

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